BridgeLight Services

Alternative Investments

Our extensive knowledge in the alternative asset management space allows for an increasingly robust and customized portfolio construction. By identifying and uncovering alternative investment vehicles and opportunities including natural resources or real estate, or methods of investing, such as hedge funds or private equity, we can guide you down a superior path, to better diversification and higher-return capabilities; while managing your overall-portfolio risk.

Alternative assets often are highly dependent on knowledgeable investors skilled in selecting specific investment categories. For this reason, they were primarily utilized by large institutional investors such as endowments and foundations, or the very wealthy. Today, this is no longer the case. Because alternatives are still a relatively new and rapidly expanding category, the typical investor might do well to seek out expert advice and guidance when selecting alternative assets for inclusion in their portfolio as a way to add diversification as well as attempt to further mitigate volatility.

Individual Portfolio Management

BridgeLight’s first priority when we sit down with our clients is to get a solid understanding of their investment objectives. From that dialogue, we work with the clients to develop investment guidelines and strategies that will allow them to achieve their portfolio’s equity and fixed income requirements.

You can turn to us for a comprehensive range of strategic solutions to meet your most critical investment and private wealth management needs, combined with a uniquely custom-tailored approach.

BridgeLight offers wealth management solutions tailored specifically to meet complex financial challenges, which may include:

  • Managing sizable retirement assets
  • Diversifying from a concentrated stock position
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Exercising corporate stock options
  • Income solutions for concentrated equity holdings
  • Transferring wealth to future generations
  • Integrating philanthropic and investment goals

You will enjoy your relationship with BridgeLight Capital, equipped to design and implement a portfolio around your unique needs.

Financial Planning

BridgeLight’s experts encompass all areas of wealth management and financial planning. We are committed to continually enhancing and building upon our capabilities to ensure comprehensive resources for managing our client’s wealth.

Our capabilities are delivered to each client through a proprietary wealth management process that optimizes the effectiveness of each client’s strategy and ensures access to every resource and opportunity we offer.

By taking a long, thoughtful look at each client’s distinct goals and motivations, we can recommend the most appropriate solutions. Only when your specific expectations are met or exceeded do we consider our results a success.

We provide a high caliber of client service and relationship management, backed by expert wealth management and financial planning strategies.

Strategic Partners

Our wealth management professionals are experienced in forming strong relationships with our clients’ attorneys, accountants, and other trusted advisors. These relationships help to ensure that each client’s strategy is both comprehensive and seamlessly executed.