Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Financial Financial Goals

We offer financial expertise that extends across numerous industries and goes far beyond simply managing your investment portfolio. Our broad spectrum of capability and inherently impartial advice allows us to offer a wide variety of services aimed at growing and preserving our clients wealth.

Risk Management

Risk assessment is a critical part of our investment process. Do you know your risk profile? We go beyond the traditional categories of “conservative.” “moderate,” and “aggressive” by using state of the art technology to determine your personal “risk number.” We’ll analyze your current holdings and run them through sophisticated stress tests to demonstrate both the potential gains and losses under different scenarios. Finally, we’ll create portfolios for you that match your risk profile and are designed to achieve your goals.

Financial Planning

Our process begins with planning. We’ll ask you about your personal and financial goals and work with you to create a roadmap for the future. Our plans will help you answer important life questions: Will I be OK? Will I be able to retire comfortably, plan for health emergencies, help children or grandchildren get started, leave a legacy? Whatever is important to you will be important to us. We take this seriously. And we’ll be there with you to help you deal with unexpected challenges, and to make sure you’re on track so you can devote yourself to living for today.

Portfolio Management

Bridgelight constructs diversified portfolios designed to achieve your goals within your risk parameters. We utilize the principals of the endowment model which is designed to reduce volatility and enhance returns over the long run by including non-correlating assets classes such as managed futures, commodities, real estate, and private equity.

Alternative Investments

Alternative investments play an important role in our investment process. We believe that we can dampen volatility and enhance returns by including alternative investments such as market neutral and long/short funds, real estate, commodities, precious metals, private equity, etc. We know that volatility is the enemy of long term returns (a 50% drop requires a 100% return just to break even!), so our goal is to build portfolios that can weather storms better than portfolios that are purely tied to the stock and bond markets.